QLED provides the perfect image

QLED creates adventures not only images

QLED stands for Quantum Dot Technology by Nanosys Inc., the patent holder. Quantum Dots facilitate a bright and comfortably watchable image in any lightning condition. They produce more light with less energy. Still, Quantum Dot creates colors more efficiently than the inefficient combination of white LEDs and color filters.

crisp sound elevates emotions

High-, mid- and low-frequencies

Andrino speakers encompass the entire spectrum of sound. The resonance chamber, built around the speaker, delivers the proper sound volume for high class and enjoyable sound.

ok google
turn on the lights
glosnik światło
Ok turning on the lights

Google Assistant takes it a step further

Easy to operate, compatible with other devices and access to a wide range of apps. Connect your TV with all your appliances and create your own smart home. The built-in Google Assistant supports you just by speaking a few commands and the rest is taken care of.